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  • Let’s change the future of disadvantaged children.

    Every child deserves to succeed at school and in life. We help those who are at a disadvantage before they even start. Together and early on.

    Why early care?

    Early care is crucial for child development. It provides a stable foundation upon which they can build later in life. It helps them recognise and develop their talents and prepares them for challenges that they may encounter at school, outside of school and after school.

    Systemic change

    We remove obstacles standing in the way of effective education and support. We demand a systemic change that will allow all children to thrive regardless of their social or economic background.

    Better future

    We are building a foundation of a healthy, fair society. Early care is the best investment into the social sector because it deals with inequality issues from the very start. It improves social cohesion and social sustainability.

    Expanding education opportunities

    When children are part of strong and supportive communities, they grow up to be better adults. We create a safe environment in which everyone can cultivate their abilities and become an inspiration to others.

    There is a fourfold return on every Czech crown invested in child development.

    We are dedicated to helping implement health, social and education programmes for children from families struggling to afford basic needs. We reduce inequalities by means of prevention, which results in the most profitable social investment for both the system and future generations.

    Who we collaborate with




    Karel Gargulák

    analyst, specialist in education policy design, PAQ Research

    An ideal way to reduce inequalities in the education system is to: establish safe communication and strategic cooperation, share a vision, set common goals and assign clear-cut responsibilities for achieving them.

    Ivan Gabal

    sociologist, member of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Academy of Sciences

    Prevention is always better and more favourable than dealing with repercussions of crisis situations. Prevention provides space for learning, adopting a deliberate approach and aiming for results in a specific time frame.

    Jaroslava Simonová

    scientist, Faculty of Education, Charles University, specialist in formulation of school guidelines

    I consider early care to be a fundamental and essential part of child rearing and family support in general. The period between a child’s birth and the first few grades at a primary school is key for how the rest of their life will look like.

    What have we achieved in 4 years of operation?

    an approximate no. of children with whom our members are actively working
    0 thousand
    collaborating organisations
    the no. of strategic documents which we have formally challenged and made remarks on
    online methodology meetings
    strategy negotiations with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
    we are members of four working groups at responsible ministries

    Be the change you want to see in the world

    Educators, head teachers, city and town officials, civil servants, social workers, volunteers, donors, parents as well as random passersby. Anyone can lend a helping hand and contribute to a better future for our children and, by extension, for the whole country.